Disrupting with Innovations in Blockchain and Deep Technology

Cosimo X seeks to revolutionize the illiquid venture capital market with the Blockchain

Invest and help transform disruptive companies into global industry leaders.


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COSIMO X is the liquid, evergreen, tokenized fund of COSIMO Ventures

COSIMO X tokens allow all international investors and select U.S. accredited investors to hold equity interest in emerging, pre-series-A companies within the deep technology sector prior to a potential Initial Coin Offering or Series A funding round.

This unique, hybrid equity-ICO model allows investors to participate in accelerated growth opportunities that become available to early stage companies as they progress through either further venture funding or an Initial Coin Offering under favorable market conditions.

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Sourcing Engine

We seek companies with billion-dollar potential through a sourcing engine fueled by over 100 deal flow partners in 34 distinct technology clusters.

Valuation Model

We utilize a proprietary valuation model to project the capital growth of select companies that can benefit from tokenization and COSIMO expertise.

Equity Investment

We look to obtain a 15-20% preferred equity position as the first institutional investor as well as non-dilutive rights to ICO participation.

Market Validation

We look to secure a real market demand for the company’s product and seek to appropriately position its branding and image for its target segment.

Business Development

We assist in the development of the company’s business model and cash flow strategy until its value reaches a point of inflection.


We network management teams into broader venture capital and investor ecosystems to source demand and potentially launch a successful ICO or raise a Series A funding round.

Vision and

The world is now entering the third phase of the Internet: Decentralized technologies such as Blockchain and new crowd funding capabilities – specifically the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) – are creating and accelerating the growth of many new value-generating companies.

We believe that these emerging technologies have the ability to bring about a complete disruption to the current tech sector and reinvent the means by which transformative companies are funded and developed.

Given the vast number of early stage entrepreneurs entering the blockchain and ICO market, an opportunity arises for the experienced entrepreneurs and venture investors of COSIMO to fill the gap that exists between the operating support and the operating capital that is available to early stage companies.

We feel that our investment team’s extensive experience places us in a unique position to help grow the most promising technology start-ups into global industry leaders and transform select companies into billion-dollar enterprises.

The Benefits of Tokenization

COSIMO X issues security tokens on a continual, non-dilutive basis which entitle investors to the net-proceeds of portfolio company exits. With a targeted bias toward pre-ICO startups, COSIMO X seeks to deploy investor capital to accelerate the growth of innovative companies toward ICOs or follow-on rounds of capital in an attempt to realize profitable exits for investor gains.


Investors can exit early or enter late by exchanging tokens with other accredited investors


Tokenized raises allow COSIMO X to publish a current NAV of invested capital

Regulatory Compliance

COSIMO X will continue to meet all existing regulatory requirements for securities

How It Works

Buy CosimoX Tokens

Buy COSIMO X Tokens

Send Ether, Bitcoin, or fiat currency (USD, EUR) to purchase COSIMO X Tokens.


Benefit from Ownership

Each token represents a $1.00 par investment in a collection of rigorously vetted, early stage deep technology companies.

Accelerate Growth

Accelerate Growth

Net proceeds from token sales are invested in portfolio companies to grow and expand their operations toward the pursuit of a non-dilutive ICO or Series A funding round.


Return on Investment

Trade tokens with other accredited investors as the NAV of the token appreciates or hold the token until investment returns prompt the fund to repurchase all or a portion of the tokens at their NAV.

Reinvest Returns

The COSIMO X Fund will redeploy 50% of net proceeds into new and existing investments in an effort to scale revenue generation opportunities.


The COSIMO X fund is evergreen, meaning that it never closes and is always open to new capital from new investors and additional capital from existing investors.


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Our Companies

COSIMO X invests in early stage technology companies with strong management teams that have the ability to dominate deep tech sectors and build billion-dollar enterprises.

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