Blockchain Opportunities Fund

COSIMO X Blockchain Opportunities Fund is a tokenized evergreen vehicle offering both US and International investors access and exposure to early-stage blockchain opportunities with a 1-4 year horizon. The fund invests in teams building new technologies, protocols and applications in the blockchain market.

COSIMO X Invests in:
Venture Equity
The fund seeks to invest via preferred equity in companies building next generation technologies, products and services in the emerging blockchain market.

Our network of over 100 deal flow partners ensures we get early access to the most promising deals in the market.

Early Stage Digital Assets
In situations when venture capital equity is not the preferred investment vehicle, the fund seeks to give exposure to new blockchain technologies, protocols and networks by investing in tokens (not companies) during the early, private stage typically at a discount to listing prices.

Similar to the way specialized fund managers emerged in the 90’s to capitalize on the Internet era, COSIMO has assembled a team of specialized blockchain investors to focus on this market.

COSIMO Investment team is focused on delivering blockchain specific value

Ability to conduct deep technical due diligence


Deep operating and investment track record


Deep technical experience in cryptography and distributed systems

Proven ability to access the best deals at early stages
Entrepreneur first Active support approach to Governance
The COSIMO X Blockchain opportunities fund overview
Investors invest in COSIMO X by purchasing COSIMO Tokens. Each COSIMO Token is a digitized security that represents an indirect economic interest in COSIMO X.

Summary of Terms

Fund Launch2019
Management Fee2.5%
Performance Fee15% carry
Minimum InvestmentUS Investors: $200,000
Non-US Investors: $10,000
Investor TypeUS: Accredited Investors
Non-US: All International Investors in line with local regulations
Vehicle TypeTokenized Evergreen Venture Fund