Blockchain and Deep Tech Portfolio

COSIMO X invests in emerging, next generation technologies and focuses on projects that are the growth drivers in the decentralized trust economy.
This includes the underlying building blocks of the core blockchain ecosystem, identity and privacy, regtech, exchanges, brokers, custodial and trading services, decentralized finance, nft’s and more.

COSIMO X takes a long-term perspective on portfolio company investments
BrandNameSectorDescriptionMeet The Team
ArchaxFinanceUK FCA regulated digital security exchange. Additionally has FCA brokerage, custody and cryptoasset permissions.View Website
BeasyNFT InfrastructureBEASY Authentication is a private-labelable, plug-and-play blockchain-enablement architectureView Website
Black MantaFinanceBafin regulated and MiFID II compliant Tokenization agency.View Website
Casper LabsInfrastructureProof-of-Stake layer 1 blockchain protocol.View Website
DefactorDefiProvides defi access to real world assets accessView Website
Dusk NetworkInfrastructurePrivacy enabled blockchain for compliant financial applicationsView Website
Gecko GovernanceFinanceRegtech leveraging Blockchain.View Website
HederaInfrastructureLayer 1 blockchain protocolView Website
IchiDefiEnables cryptocurrency networks mints their own stablecoins securely.View Website
IntegralDefiOrderbook style automated market makerView Website
IX SwapDefiLiquidity pool and automated market maker functions for the security tokens industry.View Website
KiboDefiCapital efficient options protocolView Website
MatterlensConsumerAR application.View Website
ndauDefiAdaptive Digital Currency.View Website
OneiroInfrastructureHigh Performance blockchain solutions.View Website
ORE NetworkInfrastructureORE connects Web 2.0 identities to accounts on multiple blockchains, creating single sign-on for cross-chain interoperability.View Website
ShyftDefiMiddleware technology for compliant DeFi, VASPs, and exchangesView Website
SovrynDefiDeFi for BitcoinView Website
Token TraxxNFT InfrastructureTokenIITraxx is an NFT platform built by musicians for the music community.View Website
UpholdFinanceCloud-based digital wallet.View Website
WombatInfrastructureCross-game and cross-chain NFT InfrastructureView Website
Engaging with Portfolio Companies
The COSIMO X team engages with portfolio companies across seven core areas:

Identifying opportunities through our deal flow sourcing engine

Measuring potential through our valuation model
Confirming market viability
Acquiring the right equity or token stake
Assisting with business development
Leveraging our network of world-class advisors, entrepreneurs and supporters
Adding expertise and operational support