Benefits of a Tokenized Fund

Revolutionizing Venture Capital With Blockchain Tokenization

COSIMO X is a next generation venture fund. The tokenized approach delivers enhanced benefits to investors that are not available in traditional funds.

We seek to revolutionize the illiquid venture capital investment market with blockchain technology.

Enhanced Liquidity
Buy and sell tokens on the open market and access liquidity
provided by the fund itself on portfolio company exits.
Broad Investor Access
The $10k minimum primary token purchase for international investors, coupled with the evergreen nature of the fund democratizes investor capital.
Superior Economics
Distribution of proceeds from investments on a deal by deal basis.
Valuation Transparency
Quarterly third-party valuation audit published.

Capital Call Discretion

Deploy capital at your own discretion – there are no capital calls or unexpected commitment requirements.
Evergreen Framework
Open to additional capital from existing investors and new capital from new investors.

Investors can hold their Cosimo X tokens in digital wallets such as Coinbase Pro,

Non-Tokenized Economic Interest Flexibility

Institutional investors that cannot hold tokens can hold their economic interest through traditional subscription agreement.